Ga is merely an acronym for "go ahead." This word was invented when an Indubitably Splendid Individual started typing a message on MSN, but then the idiot that the Indubitably Splendid Individual (who will remain nameless) was talking to started to type a message at the same time, which was incredibly annoying.

So the idiot and the Indubitably Splendid Individual co-devised a plan to allow each other to talk ONE AT A TIME LIKE CLASSY PEOPLE TALK!! So when either one of these individuals noticed that the other person was typing a message at the same time as them, they simply typed "ga," a polite way to allow the other person to speak first.
Indubitably Splendid Individual: (unsent message) "I hate healthy cereal" (typed whilst the idiot typed the following message at the same time)

Idiot: (unsent message) "WOW did you know that I have 11 1/2 toes?" (Then the idiot says to himself, "whoops it appears that the Indubitably Splendid Idividual is typing a message, and hers is obviously more important than my subject of interest." Then the Idiot erases his message and instead types the following)

Idiot: "ga"

Indubitably Splendid Individual: "Don't call me gay."

Idiot: "No no I said ga, it means go ahead...type your message."

Indubitably Splendid Individual: "Oh ok. Hey, I hate healthy cereal."

Idiot: "Me too but this conversation is so long so I'm going to ga and leave."
by IndubitablySplendid101 September 21, 2010
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Grey's Anatomy; A popular television show revolving around the surgery wing of Seattle Grey's Hospital.
Did you watch GA the other night? It was intense.
by melsi28 May 04, 2007
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government assistence:
tax cutz 4 po folks
if u po enuf 2 git it, it aint enuf.
baby gul gav me her g a check n i jus got me sum brannew sox n drawers
by YoungCali September 30, 2003
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ga! its what you say when you're frustrated! short for gar but not as stupid.
ga! i lost my keys!

ga! why aren't you listening to me!

ga! ga! ga!
by Marsissa September 04, 2005
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The off season when anglers purchase all sorts of fishing tackle or gear. Hence Gear Aquisition Syndrome
BassMaster ate Wendy's and got gas, I bought 5 new rods and have G.A.S
by Internet hero March 15, 2005
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