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The definition of chat or to be chatting would be 1. To be talking out the side of your neck 2. Pretending, or fronting 3. To be a chatterbox, one who talks a lot. This word is commonly found in New York.
Jordyn “ does Chris really wanna fight, bc he’s big talk ?”.
James “ nada you know him, he stay beastin’ he’s just chatting”
Eric “ Yooo Carter does Kelli really wanna fw me ?”
Carter “ Nah she’s just chatting for clout!”.
Eric “ I knew that skeesh was buggin, she a broad anyways, that’s bodied!”.
by NYkid718🥵. June 06, 2019
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Chatting...when one is running their gums, talking almost complete nonsense, but all other gangstas are like 'yeah brud, i get you. skeen, skeen.'
'and so me says to jamal 'you batty bommoble clut. you be so lucky that me dont get up on dere and bleeze past you, ones and twos times wid me ak47 arse clippa hand. me bredrin' see, me pimps / gangstas / street-rats, you get what is chatting?

(all other gangstas go)

'ohhhhh! you is so right. geez, me hates dat jamal. hes such a puddy cat / clut. (delete as appropriate)
by PHORCE January 23, 2007
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chatting is different than talking, chatting is the act of talking, in a nonsensical and unnecessary way, almost rambling on and just filling the conversation with your voice unnecessarily.
mark and semaj are walking down the street on a cloudy day
mark : yo el sol esta bussin right now

semaj : nah mark you’re chatting right now
by bighomiesemaj October 27, 2019
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