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high-grade marijuana, usually strains that emit strong odor that lingers in an aroma much like gasoline.
"smoking gas in a rental, she giving me mental." -Juicy J, musician
by Bdreams October 04, 2013
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lying; saying something isn't true; stating someone is lying
He was gassing when he said he liked me...
(boy): I'm telling the truth! (Girl): GAS!
by Ariana Spencers May 30, 2008
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That pizza was GAS man, soooo good!

Mr. McCormic's test sucked, not gas.
by LilReev February 10, 2017
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shit-flavored air. some of the most noxious is fried chicken related!
that fuckin chicken gave me gas from hell! where's the air freshener?
by da trick biatch March 10, 2006
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Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. Coined by Walter Becker of Steely Dan in a short article in an early 1990s Guitar Player magazine.
I sure do have GAS for that Heritage archtop.
by Roy Brooks September 03, 2005
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An acronym for "Gear Acquistion Syndrome" which is the painful (and usually expensive) need to buy more guitar gear.

First heard and proliferated by the sad and loney at the Guitar Effects forum.
Dude! I saw the newest and most expensive boutique pedal ever created, and it gave me some serious GAS.
by Crankie's Lover May 02, 2004
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