Go away- as in leave. Don't come back. Get outta my face now before I do something bad.
I am going to need you to GA.
GA before you say something stupid.
I never loved you. GA!!!
by Blaze-Flame May 07, 2007
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Great Adventure. Smoking a marijuana blunt with your friends while you are driving
"yo i want to get high lets go on a GA"
by Kelly Shields April 03, 2003
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The g stands for good and the a stands for action. So if something is ga then something that has been done by someone or someone is doing it.
Lizzy: Omg I just scored a goal

Paul: Ga!!
by Evie2002 November 08, 2015
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A hip-hop "label" based out of Edmonton, Canada. G-A stands for general authority. They have a reputation for recruiting strictly homosexual members.
"Yo them G-A rappers are straight up gay"
by Triple 6 February 07, 2007
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Often used as an abbreviation for ABC’s hit tv soap/ drama Grey’s Anatomy, produced by Shonda Rhimes.
Olivia: β€œHey, are you coming over to watch GA at 7 tonight?”
Quinn: β€œTotally forgot today was Thursday...of course!”
via giphy
by ADHDbrain April 10, 2018
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This term is an alternative for the word β€œGay.”
Christopher is Ga; Gregory is Ga
by Natorior October 04, 2020
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G-A, "General Authority"
A hip-hop based record label operating out of Edmonton, Canada. The label has identified itself with a strong preference towards signing members of the gay community and seem to offer extensive support to many homosexual recording artists. Often used as a form of insult by other recognizable artists.
"yo, is that a pink shirt? maaan you messin wit those g-a kids?"
by 98372 March 27, 2007
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