General Assistance.Welfare for adults with no dependant children.
"Hey, Mom! Give me a ride to the Welfare Office.Since I just turned 18, I gotta go get my G.A.!"
by Nastina July 15, 2005
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Short for "ghetto ass". Letters are pronounced as 'gee A'. Typically a derogatory term that can describe a person, an adjective that describes a situation, or as an adverb. Means someone who is basically an irresponsible, slimy, having no good qualities jackass. Also can be used to describe a situation that is generally bad times.
Can also be used as a greeting when meeting other self proclaimed GA's.
Rahul was so GA last night. He got wasted, puked in his shirt, and then tried to make out with every obese woman in sight.


That party was such a sausage fest. it was so GA.


Alex is a GA. He had to sleep in his car because he left his keys at the whore house.


Alex and Rahul calling each other on the phone: "GA, GA"
by bigrags June 15, 2005
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An acronym for Gay As Shit. Can be used in other variations ending with ...as shit. Ex. H.A.S, Hot As Shit.
Fred is being G.A.S right now.

This homework is G.A.S
by Meredith Murgia May 30, 2008
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Short for Gay Ass, Also the opposite of BA' badass", something that pisses you off, and /or something you dislike.
Dude, that biology test was so GA, i only got 2 questions right.

Look at that loser, he is so GA.

HAHA look at that GA car it is held together with duck tape.

by Raymaas15 April 27, 2009
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Go Ahead
Web speak to quickly let someone know to move on, and not to wait for you
Guy1: <Question 1>
Guy2: <First part of answer>
Guy2: <second part> GA
Guy1: <Question 2>
by guided fox March 13, 2006
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An acronym that stands for:
Gay Ass Sex
Omg bro last night i had some "G.A.S"
What u mean bro?
I had some GAY ASS SEX!
ohh i thought u ment u couldnt stop farting broo
naaah bro.
by James Restos May 22, 2009
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