Frank Sinatra (born 1915, died 1998) Known as "The Voice" or "Chairman of the board" was the coolest interpreter of swing music during his almost 60 years in showbusiness. Winner of an oscar in the early fiftees. Related with politics, showmen, mobsters and beautiful copacabana showgirls, defined the meaning of "coolness" in the early sixtees with his friends, also known as The Ratpack. His songbook includes such clasics as: "Fly me to the moon" "I've got you under my skin" and "New York, New York".
All this cats have much to learn from Frank Sinatra
by leinergroove October 6, 2004
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a talented musician who was a god to music until his death in May of 1998. no one will ever take his place in music history. its just not possible.
that guys a great singer but he's no frank sinatra!
by Angry Jess March 2, 2005
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1. Idyllic singer from Hoboken the likes of which we havent seen in years. Said to have a voice that could "calm a lion and be a lion at the sam time."

2. Man who was the leader of The Ratpack and whose career never ended until he died. In reality it still hasn't ended because so many people still listen to him.

3. God
His voice was so great people said it reminded them of Sinatra

That cat's so cool he looks like he could have his own Ratpack like Sinatra did.

Person 1 - Is that God?
Person 2 - Close, its Sinatra
Person 1 - Same thing
by greencandle January 11, 2005
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v. To do a particular activity however you damn well please, your way.

Origin: Frank Sinatra lyric "And I did it my way..."
I don't care what the directions say! I'm going to build this bitch like Frank Sinatra!
by MoInThe415 July 1, 2005
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Francis Albert Sinatra came into this world on December 12th, 1915.
Also known as:
Ol' Blue Eyes, The Chairman of the Board, The Voice

The greatest musician this world will ever come close to. 99.9% of people who ACTUALLY have taken the time to listen to ALL or most of his songs, simply adore him.
He had a swagger to him that you're absolutly not going to find ever again. Women wanted him, and men wanted to be him.
He was and always will be an inspiration to anyone who has the pleasure of listening to his music and remembering his life.

He was 82 years, 5 months and 2 days old when he died on May 14th 1998.
“I would like to be remembered as a man who had a wonderful time living life, a man who had good friends, fine family - and I don't think I could ask for anything more than that, actually.” -Frank Sinatra
by ididitmyway October 16, 2011
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The Original Gangster/Musician. A pimp in all aspects of the word. Unlike todays so called "Gangsta rap stars" Sinatra was a badass yes still had class.
Frank Sinatra was way cooler and more talented then Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, and all the rest of the so called gangsta rappers put together.
by Calvbw September 20, 2009
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