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A substitute for the word "Fuck","Shit", or "Damn". You can say this anywhere except for at or near a very prim and proper english person.Or your stuck up parents who might punish you from going to the next BIG BEST THING.If you're trying to stop cussing as much or can't cuss where you are at that moment,you can use this word.
You:"Fudgemonkey!I spilled red juice on my white shirt!" or "I'm so grounded from the MCR concert!Fudgmonkey!"
by Rock Goddess May 15, 2005
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Synonym for : Crap, Shit, hell, a person ect.
1. What the fudgemonkey?!

2. Oh fudgemonkeys!

3. Damn that fudge monkey!!
by Nick s. April 03, 2004
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type of insult or another word for fuck
"oh matt your such a fudgemonkey!"
"i like fudge"
"oh you stupid fucker!"
by smiley May 26, 2003
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-Noun- A Kid named Chris Goukler (or Adolf Hitler) Who has a chubby chin, and enjoys throwing Kunai Blades at People who follow the religion of Judaism. Sometimes, he can be a nazi.
Dude, Chris Goukler is such jew-hater! Meanie! That Fudgemonkey!!!
by Fudge Moneky March 25, 2009
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