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A common slang derived most popularly from a form of "yo momma jokes" but actually dating waaaay the hell back to the 1300's when it was considered the highest sin to sleep with ones own mother. (Even above murder.)

It can mean precisely as it sounds, one who has sex mothers, but it was originally meant as "one who has sex with their own mother".

It is most of the time used without meaning, just to be said in a sentence, it can mean absolutely nothing and absolutely everything its meant to at the same time.

Also is used constantly to denote someone is a moron, a trife, a back stabber, and any number of other completely unrelated meanings.
"You motherfucker! how could you!"
"What the motherfuck is going on here?"
"Motherfucker, motherfucker, motherfucker...!"
by andrew October 27, 2002

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A country in the Middle East. One of the few NON Arabic countries in the Middle East. They are actually Persian, not Arab, so don't get confused. 1950-1960 Good times in Iran where the mood was western like here. After the revolution, it turned into a chaotic land. Hopefully it will be restored to what it used to be, someday.
Iran is a country of beuty, spoiled by its government.
by Andrew August 15, 2003

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open mouth kissing usually with tongue, and occasionally groping between 2 individuals.
I made out with my girlfriend last night.

it was fun.
by andrew January 12, 2005

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The correct spelling for a persons buttocks or behind.

The Americans are stupid and spell it "ass" like a donkey.

This term can also be used to insult.
"My arse is huge!"

"Stop being such an arse."
by andrew March 02, 2005

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Often mislabeled as an "emo" band, Coheed and Cambria is actually a Progressive Rock band, with a sound similar to bands like Rush and Yes of the 1980s, with concept albums similar to Pink Floyd's The Wall. The idea of the giant story spanning all of their music, ie: the concept albums, is perhaps the most alluring aspect of their music.

Synopsis of the Coheed and Cambria storyline:

"There are differing theories about the story of Coheed and Cambria, but from the lyrics of the two albums and the beginning of the story spelled out in graphic novel #1, it is known that Coheed and Cambria Killgannon are a married couple living on Earth in the distant future.

The story is centered around a vast structure called the Keywork, a galactic force holding together 78 planetary systems. For some reason, part of the Keywork comes loose, threatening a cataclysmic disaster for the universe. Coheed and Cambria are "Guardians of the Keywork" and Coheed is sent to a distant planet to repair the damage. Apparently, Coheed is the only person capable of doing this.

Unfortunately, someone has injected a serum, called the 'Monstar virus,' into Coheed's body. Once activated, the Monstar leads to a disaster of apocolyptic proportions for mankind. However, the Monstar can only be activated by introducing a liquid called 'the ciache' into the host's bloodstream, and then making eye contact with the trigger counterpart (presumably, Cambria). Coheed has passed a form of the virus, known as the Sinstar virus, onto his four children: Josephine, Claudio, Matthew, and Mariah. The Sinstar virus will destroy the universe if activated, and is activated by a host reaching their 23rd birthday. The Sinstar also has no cure (unlike the Monstar). A general named Mayo Deftinwolf relays this information on to Coheed and urges him to kill his four children before the Sinstar takes effect.

Coheed succeeds in this mission by poisioning Matthew and Mariah, and doing away with Josephine as well. However, Claudio somehow survives, and now has the charge of saving the universe from the Monstar, which has been activated in Coheed. Coheed and Cambria are now dead, as the Monstar has taken over Coheed's body. Cambria's cause of death has not been revealed as of yet.

Meanwhile, a huge war has broken out on Earth. The war may or may not be related to the Keywork's problems, but things aren't looking too good. Claudio tells the story of his love for Newo Ikkin, and his defection from the army to be with her. Claudio then boards a spacecraft called the Velorium Camper, which is piloted by a psychotic killer named Al. No more information has been revealed as to what happens after that."
I just bought the new Coheed and Cambria CD, it's a lot like that sweet old prog rock, with sci/fi lyrics.
by andrew September 29, 2004

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A city in western pennsylvania that loves its sports especially the steelers. Surprisingly beautiful with warm frendly people.
station square on a satuurday night before a steelers game
by Andrew April 06, 2005

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take it from a star wars geek:

the sith were originally an alien species outside the realm of the jurisdiction of the old republic. when the first dark jedi uprising occured roughly 20 millenia prior to the movies, the dark jedi were cast out, and stumbled upon the sith worlds. the sith hailed the dark jedi as gods, and so began the sith empire, where sith magic and the dark side of the force mingled to produce terrifying powers.
after the great hyperspace wars that toppled sith lord naga sadow's power base and exiled the dark lord to yavin 4, and the great sith war that ruined sith lord exar kun's bid for power, the sith tradition remained dormant until roughly 2000 years prior to the movies. the sith species had faded into extinction, so at this time the word sith took on its new meaning, that of a cult dedicated to the dark side. the new sith eventually destroyed each other in their bid for power. the 20 thousand survivors, united under sith lord kaan, established a brotherhood of darkness based on the axiom "rule by the strong". this army was driven back by the army of light under lord Hoth to the planet ruusan, on which seven titanic battles were fought. the sith lost all but two of the battles. kaan then came up with the idea of a "thought bomb", created entirely of the dark side of the force. when hoth and his army came upon the sith, kaan triggered the bomb. the implosion of the bomb sucked all of the spirits of the sith and jedi into a state of undead unrest in the valley of the jedi, only to be liberated by kyle katarn ten years after the battle of endor.
the republic thought that all of the sith were exterminated at this violent battle, but one remained: darth bane. he remade the cult on a two at a time basis: master and apprentice. thus all sith afterwards bear the title of darth.
the end of the sith seemed to come with the deaths of darth maul, darth tyranus, and darth vader. in fact, darth sidious, also known as palpatine, survived in a series of clones, the last of which was destroyed, ironically enough, by han solo, who shot him in the back with a blaster. after him there were no more sith to continue the tradition, but plenty of dark side followers remained in various guises.
marka ragnos was a sith lord of immense physical power, with a frightening grasp of the dark side of the force.
by Andrew February 06, 2004

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