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Cash money Mo money
yo, you got any cabbage?
by flip January 13, 2003

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Exsessivly big, loud mufflers found on rice rockets that sound like a farts.
Damn, his fart pipe is louder than a room full of drunken sailors!
by Flip April 30, 2002

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A skateboarding stance, if you put your left foot at the front of the board, and push with your right foot, your stance is Regular. Ta-Da.
My Skateboarding stance is regular.
by Flip February 01, 2004

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1) Best kind of fan in the NBA
2) Think the Spurs are the best because the fucked up the lakers 4-peat
3) Made Kobe cry and say he would "work himself to exaustion"
Spurs fans laughed thier asses off when the Lakers cried after they lost to the Spurs.
by Flip October 26, 2004

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Drunks Against MADD Mothers is yeahois. For the definition of yeahois see yeahois.
1.) DAMM is my favoritest club ever.
by Flip March 04, 2005

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an english tv program for kids made in the 70`s - bagpuss was a pink and white striped cat who talked to mice. i think he would be shocked to be associated with the above if not a little curious.
did you see bagpuss yesterday?

bagpuss is my favourite program
by flip September 24, 2004

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adj. Yeah-hoyz
The apex of life as we know it. When something is yeahois it exceeds all realms of awesomeness.
1.) That orgasm was yeahois.
2.) Dunkaroos were so yeahois.
3.) Yeahois!
4.) Urkle was so yeahois.
5.) Anal sex is not yeahois.
by Flip March 04, 2005

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