A cuter, flirtier way of calling someone a jerk.
by LanceCPL September 14, 2011
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Someone who likes insulting their friends for fun.
Someone who loves being mean to everyone.
Somoene who doesn't care to hurt your feelings.
by Blazing _unicorn October 4, 2016
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Wonwoo and Mingyu, a fairly big ship in the kpop community. They are in the 13 member korean boy band, Seventeen.
Meanie is so cute!!

Mingyu and Wonwoo make Meanie!!
by aimsgames April 20, 2018
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Someone who is mean to others.
You're such a meanie!
by Mandy Moo February 22, 2003
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Meanie is a couple in the kpop Seventeen, With Mingyu And Wonwoo
by BTSisLife July 6, 2018
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Someone who is mean and assigns too much homework. She also makes us do a stupid project in the end of the year of fixing the garden. Like bitch we don’t need to do that.
Meg stop being a meanie.

No! DO UR HOMEWORK NOW!!!! But meg. I don’t frigging care. DO IT OR ELSE

by Jack Lander 8E June 12, 2018
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