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Someone that loves you for you and is very honest,kind, and funny to be around someone that you woupd want to be with for the rest of your life
Dylan and Cammie are lovers
They look great together they must be lovers
by Lovebirdie March 23, 2019
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Somebody that you love, and especially in the romantic/sexual sense. A sweetheart.

Warning: For every day of joy, there is one of woe, if you get my drift. The more you love someone, the more he makes you cry, or makes you crazy.

Still, those parts can be worked past. Lovers provide emotional support, shelter in a storm.
"Erik and I are partners."
"Business partners?"
"No, he's my life partner."
"Your what?"
"You know, my lover, my darling."
"We're gay, stupid. That's what. He's my boyfriend."
by Lorelili March 05, 2005
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A person who keeps his promise until he marries his lover or die....
Lover is more couraheous than a warrior
Nrjn is my lover.
Ani is my lover.
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by Nxrxjn_Anin September 19, 2018
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two people that will be together until the end of time, who love and charish one another feelings and thoughts. Two people who are truly and deeply in love and can't stand being apart for so long. Two people who need eachother every day, every minute, and every second.
Cory and I are lovers!!
I love you cory! *muahz*
by Laura January 11, 2005
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A person with whom your relationship is primarily sexual and romantic.

Lover is a title given to someone you are dating with whom you are infatuated and addicted to sex, before you are sure where your friendship is going.

If you add good friendship to lover-dom, you will probably end up with a Relationship or a partnership.

If are missing good friendship, the relationship will dissolve into fuck-buddydom or a complete break up.
Linda: What is going on with Mel?
Jane: I am not sure, but the sex is mindblowing and the world melts away when we are together.
Linda: Oh! The essence of lover-dom!
by terrabelle June 19, 2011
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Someone you really care about and would most likely give your life to make them happy.
Jacob and Ivana are lovers and he would give anything to make her happy.
by moesy September 02, 2006
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1. showing unconditional love for all things, even in the face of hate, for the recognition that all, even hate, is born of love; hence we are all love, and a lover embraces all love.

2. A being that lives to connect with the love inherent to all life.

3. A being that lives to love, not hate, and even embraces hate as love.

4. A person who unconditionally finds and connects with the love inherent to everything, no matter what.
1. Great lovers in history include: Ghandi, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Theresa, Rumi,

2. One who unconditionally finds the "needle" of love even in a "haystack" of hate.

3. Antonym: Opposite of "Hater"-one who finds the "needle" to hate even in a "haystack" of love.
by MadamEve June 20, 2014
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