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(noun) Insidious deceit, treachery, falsifications & evil works intended to harm, hurt and/or destroy the intended recipient. Fuckery can take many different manifestations.
Betsy's knowledge of and skills in fuckery could not be matched. All in all the bitch was Lucifer with a cunt, she could be the recipient of a five-man gang-bang with her five highest paying customers at midday and have her man eat her cunt by the evening without batting an eye or without her conscience saying a GODDAMN WORD!!!!!
by Nikki Stixx September 23, 2019
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1. Pertains to a person, situation (or place) that considered ridiculous or nonsensical
2. An alternative to the word "Bullshit"
3. Injustice


Jamaican slang word.
Jamaican Patois term first introduced to American mainstream/popculture in a scene from the movie "(top) Shottas" which can be heard during the deportation interrogation scene.
"You're one of them from foreign, who commit all of the crimes. Then you come back here to mash up the island with your foreign style car jacking extortion, all types of fuckery!"

- Jamaican Officer to protagonist, Biggs in 'Shottas'
by Iyam Mi September 04, 2013
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noun-jamaican origin
any negative or pointless action(s) that is engaged in by one or more persons
this is some reeeeeal fuckery

is pure fuckery the man them going on with...
by csaintmaria July 06, 2011
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1)A waste of time
2)Behaving dumb or foolish
3)Pharse - your not being serious
1)"that was a fuckeries club man"
2) "son answered my question with some fuckeries
3) "fuckeries going that far on the bus"
by joe aka allday September 22, 2006
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