1. Pertains to a person, situation (or place) that considered ridiculous or nonsensical
2. An alternative to the word "Bullshit"
3. Injustice


Jamaican slang word.
Jamaican Patois term first introduced to American mainstream/popculture in a scene from the movie "(top) Shottas" which can be heard during the deportation interrogation scene.
"You're one of them from foreign, who commit all of the crimes. Then you come back here to mash up the island with your foreign style car jacking extortion, all types of fuckery!"

- Jamaican Officer to protagonist, Biggs in 'Shottas'
by Iyam Mi September 5, 2013
(noun) Insidious deceit, treachery, falsifications & evil works intended to harm, hurt and/or destroy the intended recipient. Fuckery can take many different manifestations.
Betsy's knowledge of and skills in fuckery could not be matched. All in all the bitch was Lucifer with a cunt, she could be the recipient of a five-man gang-bang with her five highest paying customers at midday and have her man eat her cunt by the evening without batting an eye or without her conscience saying a GODDAMN WORD!!!!!
by Nikki Stixx September 24, 2019
It rained today and my top was down. What fuckery is this?
by Erin Adams November 4, 2011
"That shit is true fuckery!" - Loron Thomas
by Kilo April 3, 2003
Pronounced (Fuh-ker-ee) (noun, verb; present and past tense. Adj.descriptive ) 1. Reference to acts of prolonged and profuse, painful stupidity which end in a humorous way 2. (v) ridiculous acts performed in a shady way by someone temporarily struck down with idiocy, but never learns. 3. (adj) Describing the foolish and/or funny acts of few or many, usually including drunkenness, but there can be sober fuckery too. 4. (n) Random annoying crap that life hands you for no good reason at all. 5. Harmless mischief
1."My high school years were laden with immature fuckery"

2. "What are you guys up to this weekend? The usual fuckery?"
3. "Oh my God, I had to deal with 45 minutes of fuckery on the phone with Peggy the out-sourced customer service representative."
by Marioke October 10, 2012
Stupid and contradictory content used to confuse people by making no sense whatsoever.
*Reads fake news article on the internet. Is confused.*

Person: What? What is this fuckery?
by doodleman212 November 16, 2016
The treatment received from other people based on their lies, misinformation and deceitful actions that are interpreted as the truth.
The politics in the work place is full of fuckery.
by Life's Not Fair June 17, 2017