Well, THANK you --- FINALLY! Dat is what I've been waiting to hear for da last three minutes!
Advice to CEOs everywhere: Most of da folks who call your service-center will need to verbally inquire/protest about their matter of business --- i.e., their question or issue is not something dat they can resolve themselves by merely using your automated phone system --- and so why not offer them DAT option FIRST, rather than making them suffer through a whole tedious-and-useless-to-them menu-litany before their exasperated ears eventually hear da welcome words, "To speak with a customer service representative, press 9"?! Why subject their distressed/confused/hurried selves to those other eight "press one for this, press two for this" possibilities which they very seldom could use, anyway?!
P.S. And yes, we already know da answer to this question: namely, da board of directors hope dat one of da other non-human-interaction options will work for a particular caller, thus saving da company time and money by having to hire fewer phone-secretaries. But da point here is dat this so seldom actually happens in real life --- again, most people who call customer service do so precisely because they ARE needing to speak to someone at da company about their problem --- and so why needlessly delay them from getting da info and/or assistance they need to resolve their issue, when most of them are gonna end up having to speak to a customer service rep anyway, and so those other options dat you're offering them will seldom actually save any time or additional-employee salaries in da end?
by QuacksO May 20, 2023
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