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Shottas is a 2002 film about two young men who participate in organized crime in Kingston, Jamaica and Miami, Florida. It stars Spragga Benz, Ky-Mani Marley, and Wyclef Jean and was written and directed by Cess Silvera. Despite its low budget, the movie employs an engaging storyline and the distribution of an unfinished bootleg made it a cult favourite long before its official release by SONY Pictures in 2006.

The film takes its name from a Jamaican term for gangsters.

Cast Includes:

Biggs - Ky-Mani Marley
Wayne - Spragga Benz
Mad Max - Paul Campbell
Teddy Bruckshut - Louie Rankin
Richie Effs - Wyclef Jean
Gussy - Screechie Bop
Raquel - San San
Dangles - Jabba
Shottas is the rawest Jamaican gangster movie ever! Fuck Belly
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Jamaican slang term for gangster, originally from the term "shot callers."
From the movie of the same name: "Spread the word, top shottas are back." "Hey Biggs, tell your security I'm a shotta by blood, not by relation."
by Rator October 18, 2007
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