Yo nigga you wanna suck my dick?”
“No, what the fuck, you fruity ass Biggs.”
by Gaybiggs June 21, 2018
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"Biggs" when some is called Biggs, it means that they are the man.
what's good Biggs, I heard you just came up.
by Cram ws6 December 28, 2018
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Biggs is a word people use to describe fat people
Demmoy : Yo Biggs
Christian: Fam I'm not fat
by factualball December 10, 2019
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Immigrant who basicaly looks like hes a resident from either China, Japan or both. Hair can vairy. Also known to have man boobs. See Morley or Orr. Both are pretty much the same anyway...
"Hey you alright?"
"Yeah i'm fine. I'm Harry by the way. I'm a Biggs!"
"...Fuck off back to your own country Morley!"
"...But...Fine you cunt!"
by Solomono June 20, 2007
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biggs, biggy, or big guy (big g) all refer simply to a bro. bro can be big, small, wide, tall, doesn’t matter. Can also refer to the misspelling of nigga, but as nigga also refers to a bro biggs is still a synonym.
what’s up biggs? Wanna grab a burger from five guys?”
by biggs-mcgee October 28, 2018
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Luke Skywalker's childhood friend, and later a Rebelion Pilot.
That's no battle, hot shot... they're just sitting there!
by Slough in a Shoe September 26, 2003
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