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β€œYo nigga you wanna suck my dick?”
β€œNo, what the fuck, you fruity ass Biggs.”
by Gaybiggs June 21, 2018
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A reference name for anything starting with the letter "G". Often used for "government" or a person's name, such as "Gerry".
<dernston> Hey, big G, how's it going?
<gnuwtey> Pretty good, I'd say.
by Mr. Briggs January 24, 2010
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Luke Skywalker's childhood friend, and later a Rebelion Pilot.
That's no battle, hot shot... they're just sitting there!
by Slough in a Shoe September 26, 2003
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1. The "G" is short for government
"Big G" is shouted as a heads up by the lookout as a warnning to his or hers accomplices that (police,correctional officer)are near their location. So that they can avoid being spotted.

during a burglary, dealing shouting Big G as a code word for a government athority.

by beast 1/2 November 01, 2006
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A word used to rudely insult somebody for being overweight, or very big.
Fat guy: "Hey, can I get a big mac, large fries, southern style chicken, and a snack wrap, and a large soda?"

Clerk: "You gotta pay for it first, biggs"
by Nikojen February 12, 2010
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biggs, biggy, or big guy (big g) all refer simply to a bro. bro can be big, small, wide, tall, doesn’t matter. Can also refer to the misspelling of nigga, but as nigga also refers to a bro biggs is still a synonym.
β€œwhat’s up biggs? Wanna grab a burger from five guys?”
by biggs-mcgee October 27, 2018
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