A sexual act, in which the male, after having anal sex, ejaculates onto the butt cheeks of the receiving end, and smears it all over with his hands or penis, thus giving the illusion that the butt cheeks have a "frosting" or "glaze".

You can choose to wait till it dries after and then have someone lick it off, which is called the birthday cake.
"Man, Ms. Marsh' ass cheeks look so nice, big and 'round that i wish i could fuck her anal ring all night long and give her a frosting."
by Llennnn December 12, 2006
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1. Any kind of drug that has a hue of white. Could be a mixture of drugs.
2. The white liquid known as semen that comes from a man.
1. I heard that the man in room 254 is addicted to frosting.
2. The prostitute on that curb? I heard that she collected frosting that came from her johns.
by Thunderworm24 November 15, 2010
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Any summertime act done, in appropriate summer time clothes or a state of total nudity, in deep snow.
Pumping gas in a pair of shorts and no shirt, in 12" of snow.
BBQ'ing in nothing but an apron...with a foot of snow on the ground.

"It snowed like 13" last night, so I thought I'd get in my mankini and go frosting for a cup of coffee on the deck."

"I know it's 4 degrees, and there's 2 feet of snow outside, but I'm just gonna go out in my apron and cook some shit up on the grill...frosting style."

"Nothing quite like getting into my bikini and going out into the deep snow to make some frosting snow angels."
by El Wgas January 20, 2012
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Where a male blows a considerably large load onto a female’s body, often either the face or the breasts, and completely covers them in cum. Can be achieved either through a period of abstinence, or with supplements that increases ejaculatory volume, such as Maca Powder or Tribulus, or even Celery.
Colin and LeeAnn had been getting closer and closer as the months passed by. Eventually, Colin revealed his fantasy about frosting to her, and she decided to let him try out his little experiment. After loading up on celery and Maca Powder for 3 weeks, and not beating off, he felt full to bursting, and that evening they decided to give it a try. And she sucked him off, working her magic on his dick, he soon felt the pressure building deep in his groin. The closer he got, the fuller he felt. As soon as he broke the threshold of pleasure, he moaned loudly, and LeeAnn let him pop out of her mouth. He aimed right for her tits, and then he started to pour. He didn’t feel the familiar sensation of rapid jets blasting out his tip: this felt more like pouring cement. Thick, powerful spurts coated her dark breasts until there was very little skin showing. He simply grunted as his kegal muscles worked hard to blow out the massive load. Eventually, his jism slowed to a halt, and he was left with one very impressed girl in front of him. As he started to soften, LeeAnn quickly latched onto his dick and started to succ off the remaining seed. This breathed a second life into his manhood, and seeing she was very eager to keep going, Colin knew he was in for a fun night.
by health&wellness54 October 27, 2020
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Participating in a summertime activity when there are several inches or more of snow on the ground, acting oblivious to the weather, and having your picture taken. Like planking for the wintertime.
That picture of that mother and her son in their bathing suits picnicking in 18 inches of snow is awesome! Best frosting yet!
by Ray Kinsella January 20, 2012
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Similar to caking, it is when you consistently hit your girl up with complementary and flattering text messages or phone calls. The person accused of frosting is typically harassed by his friends, as he already has landed the girl of choice and it is not seen as a necessary act.
"Hey man, where the hell did Max go?"

Where do you think he's at, son of a bitch is frosting in the other room.
by gatorcake February 11, 2012
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Frosting is the act of sugarcoating an insult in order to appear less guilty when confronted- Essentially an insult that has been disguised as a question or innocent statement.
"Frosted" insult:
"How often do you brush your hair?"

"Defrosted" meaning:
"Your hair looks like shit."

"Because of them frosting me, I look like i've overracting, even though they're the one who insulted me."
by Kissyhuggi December 8, 2021
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