Name for Intels budget line of processors, as they are rather slow and useless.
A computer running an Intel Celery (celeron) processor
by nIMrOD888 June 10, 2007
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1. A green leafy vegetable

2. An excellent fashion accessory
by TheDoctorsSister August 12, 2011
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The word celery can be used in many ways

1) In reference to weed

•when you are so high you act like a stick of celery(the veggie) you just sit there in another world
2) A type of veggie
1) Mike: yoooo susan was so celery last night!!!"I called her name... "Susan!" And she responded 10 minutes later saying "what?" Its was sooo funny. Susan couldn't remeber who we were and she thought we were attacking her !!!!
Steve: that's dope

2)I like to eat celery with carrots as a snack when I'm hungry
by Sashaye6 August 26, 2017
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A vegetable so atrocious and disgusting

Don't eat celery it makes your breath smell gross af
Emilia: WTF is that smell
Craig: Oh...I just ate celery
by peepeeissmall April 8, 2021
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Something you can wipe your ipod on but be careful its dangerous to your health if you dont mix it up with concrete!
by polocatfan November 20, 2010
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Celery is a girl who you probably don't want to cross paths with. She has very sociopathic tendencies and can change personalities very quickly if it gives her what she wants. Celery will make friends and drop them when they are of no use to her anymore. She will lie and deceive you to benefit herself, and is very self-centered. No one will ever get to know her the way she knows herself. Although good at hiding it, she will make you think she believes your lies. She usually knows you are trying to deceive her before you know you are. Never get on the wrong side of a Celery. She may look and act nice, but alone, she's a monster.
Why is Celery acting like she doesn't care?

Probably because she doesn't.
by nononever August 12, 2020
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One of the worst tasting foods ever to exist. You have to be crazy to eat it
Me-"Michelle why are you eating celery!?"
Michelle-"Celery is so good for you"
Me- "Don't be ridiculous"

by Vaughan Derrick September 11, 2008
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