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Froing (v.) - the act of moving or walking with a jarring or stumbling manner due to major impairment in one's motor skills / hand-eye coordination. Most often used for cannabis intoxication, but can also be transferred to alcohol intoxication due to similar clumsy movement.

Originating from the Old English "to and fro"
Primary use:
Dude, check him out! He's so blitzed he's already froing!

Secondary use:
He got that scar by getting plastered last year on 17 bottles of beer, started froing all over the house and finally tripped and hit his face on the heating radiator.
by Nazdravan February 24, 2009
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What you scream when you ejaculate in a public bathroom.
*fap fap fap fap* FROING!!!

Aw Jesus, why do people need to do that shit?
by Anon3835683 January 31, 2008
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