It still means fuck off, but it’s a fuck off on steroids with its fists clenched, eyes staring and a snarl on its lips. But that’s not the end of it, you can be told to “ most definitely fuck right off”, where in addition to staring and snarling with its fists clenched sweating and trembling with anticipation for the tiny trigger that will let it rip your head off and shit down your neck. There are numerous other variations until you are told to “most fucking definitely fucking well fuck right fucking off”. If this sound incoherent it’s because it is; you are now faced with a berserk, ninja vampire with titanium talons and diamond teeth who is a hairsbreadth away from howling chaos and the total destruction of you, your family and all your ancestors so that you become not even a memory.
If anyone rejects this definition, they can fuck right off.
by AKACroatalin April 26, 2015
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a term commonly used by irate checkers legends when MSN fails to open checkers or oftentimes even start. also, if i met bill "i'm a paedo" gates this is the phrase i'd shout in his face.
Jim "game of checkers my good man?"
Rob "yes why the devil not!"
MSN "sorry we are crap... try again later."
Rob and Jim in unison: "FUCK RIGHT OFF MSN!!"
by failure33object April 25, 2005
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get the fuck out of my lobby kid, and skidaddle off my christian minecraft server before i kick your bitchass !
no one likes to be around people like you so just fuck right off
by Hsisishdj February 16, 2019
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"no caption needed". Are you a celeb FUCK right off
by Suckyourauntie January 3, 2021
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A very firm, concise and unambiguous way of dismissing someone, namely used in a social context and not suitable for the office. Retains a slightly friendlier tone than the sharper variant "fuck off", the latter of which should be used in scenarios where the conveyance of anger is key.
"Please wash the dishes"
"You can fuck right off".

Notice the subject matter here is most likely to be exchanged between persons with a preexisting relationship. If the offending party was a stranger, "fuck off" might be used instead.
by Mrmacho February 1, 2016
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it happens to fall on the same day as national send nudes day, a great excuse to not fucking send nudes to the crusty mexican asking for them
Person 1- happy national send nudes day;)

Person 2- happy national fuck right off day!!
by chensly April 19, 2018
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A more defiant way of saying fuck off, typically used for emphasis or to sound like the smartass you're saying it to.
Smartass: Well uh, I know that that actually isn't true because—
Pissed Guy: Why don't you fuck right off!?
by Some Sarcastic Guy March 26, 2017
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