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Puffy growth of hair, intentional or otherwise.

See "afro"
Bills beard looks like a facial fro.
by skrilla February 15, 2003
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Fuck Right Off
when fuck off just isnt enough
started using it in college when started getting told off for swearing
them "your momma....etc"

you "oh, go FRO"
by cg3886 December 02, 2010
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A place to store personal possessions.
<em>Do you have a pen?</em>

<em>Yes, I think I do have a pen in my fro. Here you go.</em>

<em>Thank you. My, that fro sure comes in handy.</em>

<em>Yes, I store lots of things in it.</em>
by Alexsai April 28, 2006
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The F.R.O. is a non-violent crew founded on November 9,2004 by two hipsters in New Jersey (T. & E.). F.R.O.'s aim is to chill,get all the guys or girls (depending on gender and sexual preference) and various other things which are discussed once membership is achieved.The F.R.O. does not discriminate and is open to peoples of all race, gender, and religion, even though the F.R.O doesnt discriminate it is selective.
"Those dudes and chicks in F.R.O. have all the fun"

"Whoa, those kids in the F.R.O. crew can really dance."
by Founder1 November 09, 2004
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the shortened version of afro, a very cool hairstyle popular in the 70's and forever popular with the blacks, although white people can have fros. Take Judith for example. her hair frizzes and sticks up more than most.
'man u gotta watch for judiths fro it almost knocked me out!'
by Colette February 21, 2004
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