Someone who is happy for other people to buy them things but never pays them back or returns the favour.
Big T is such a freeloader. I always pay for everything and he never pays me back.
by MCLF October 16, 2016
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Someone who leeches off others while contributing virtually nothing in return. Usually they are unemployed and/or extremely lazy. They are generally easy to identify from the general public due to their constant requests to borrow other people's money, get rides, or even coming to restaurants with a group, then ordering food and never paying for themselves, etc
James Christopher Koehn is a freeloader, also known as a mooch.

He will break you in more ways than financially. He loves to have that control.
by wisernow February 26, 2009
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John Willis will eat all your Doritos and drink all your Mountain Dew but gives you nothing in return that makes him a freeloader.
by Bob27bob January 2, 2018
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A person who maintains the people in their lives in order to gain something/anything free or of little or no cost to them. They get by saying their marks are their friends, but in private they call them options. Some may even rely on the mall, public places, or parents for free necessities such as heat, air conditioning, water, food, paper products like toilet paper and paper towels etc. A mooch. They also like mates who wait on them hand and foot well, that is, when there isn't a more profitable option. Open hand and closed heart. It is just a matter of what you put your mind to.
Freeloader might say something like: "Baby, she is just my friend. It was just a free meal and movie, not a date. I like having fun, but I love you. And look I got some toilet paper while I was there, and she even gave me her old camera."
by babytodaymaybetomorrow July 25, 2011
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Freeloader - Noun. Someone who lives off other people's lives. They don't pay for anything and never pay you back.
"Hey man can you buy me food for the week?"
"No stop being a Freeloader for once"
by Golden-Fist November 27, 2005
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A freeloader is a person that takes advantage of a provider that offers help in a time of need.

The provider may, or may not figure out that the "time of need" never ends with a freeloader.

Freeloaders like to repay debts with unasked for actions / items presented as a compensation.

Providers have codependent behavioral issues that allow the freeloader to exist in their world.

Freeloaders consistently repeat their user patterns with anyone known to the original provider.

A freeloader family member was sure that planting a garden in my own backyard, with unused
seed from the previous year, was equivalent compensation for the $---.--that was owed to me.
Later that year, produce from the garden was proffered as an attonement for the $---.-- debt.
by thedesignertim October 16, 2008
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Someone who is always looking to take advantage of anything free.
John: billy cake over and ate all of my dinner.

Jake: what a freeloader
by SnOwY98 March 29, 2018
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