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Someone who is happy for other people to buy them things but never pays them back or returns the favour.
Big T is such a freeloader. I always pay for everything and he never pays me back.
by MCLF October 15, 2016
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A freeloader is someone who exploits chances to get free stuff whenever possible.
1) Lil' Kid John never did learn any manners. He especially had a hard time figuring why he shouldn't hog all the candy from the free candy bowl at the shop.

2) Jack had all the connections he needed and knew where all the parties were. Thus every night he didn't have to pay for the alcohol nor the dinner. Nobody liked Jack.
by Lazareth Link March 02, 2005
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One who takes advantage of ones generosity and trys to suck as much as possible from them. A freeloader will often times live with someone, eat their food, drive their car, and not pay rent. Will make not attempt living on thier own as they claim they will "do it later" or are "tired". Must be forcefully removed to get rid of them. They never have a job as they quit due to laziness.
Steve: Hey Tim, do you have your own place yet?

Tim: Na I live with my Aunt and Uncle.

Steve: Do you even have a job?

Tim: No they think I have one but I quit. I'll get away with it to beacause I'm sly.

Steve: FREELOADER!!!!!
by Tigger the Nigger April 10, 2008
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Someone who sits around and dosen't work and mooches off their family and steals all their moms hard earned money to do nothing all day and contribute shit to society. Someone who is a waste of air and takes up valuable space on the planet earth.
Nice receding hairline assface. Why dont you get a job and stop freeloading off your mom you freeloader piece of shit.
by Fhsjhs February 12, 2008
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A person who maintains the people in their lives in order to gain something/anything free or of little or no cost to them. They get by saying their marks are their friends, but in private they call them options. Some may even rely on the mall, public places, or parents for free necessities such as heat, air conditioning, water, food, paper products like toilet paper and paper towels etc. A mooch. They also like mates who wait on them hand and foot well, that is, when there isn't a more profitable option. Open hand and closed heart. It is just a matter of what you put your mind to.
Freeloader might say something like: "Baby, she is just my friend. It was just a free meal and movie, not a date. I like having fun, but I love you. And look I got some toilet paper while I was there, and she even gave me her old camera."
by babytodaymaybetomorrow July 24, 2011
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A bunch of poor people chillin' at somebody elses house eatin' somebody elses food and watchin somebody elses TV.
"Hey let's figure something out so that a bunch of us free loaders can go watch DCI championships at such-n-so's place"
by Crazy Synth Man June 09, 2005
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A person who takes advantage of others generosity without giving anything in return.
Joey was a freeloader at last night when she drank all the alcohol at the party
by freeloader November 27, 2014
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