1 definition by thedesignertim

A freeloader is a person that takes advantage of a provider that offers help in a time of need.

The provider may, or may not figure out that the "time of need" never ends with a freeloader.

Freeloaders like to repay debts with unasked for actions / items presented as a compensation.

Providers have codependent behavioral issues that allow the freeloader to exist in their world.

Freeloaders consistently repeat their user patterns with anyone known to the original provider.

A freeloader family member was sure that planting a garden in my own backyard, with unused
seed from the previous year, was equivalent compensation for the $---.--that was owed to me.
Later that year, produce from the garden was proffered as an attonement for the $---.-- debt.
by thedesignertim October 16, 2008