(n) a person who by nature is parasitical, a nuisance, and a waste of natural or any other kind of resources. does not bring any kind of benefit to the household or community of which they belong to. normally an asshole by trait and nature
Even though Stanley Luna has a job, he is the biggest freeloader ever since he is only a nuisance to his family
by DRGenius November 8, 2010
Someone who is always looking to take advantage of anything free.
John: billy cake over and ate all of my dinner.

Jake: what a freeloader
by SnOwY98 March 29, 2018
People who don't do nothing but copy off of others.
Jorell is a freeloader man, he stay copying my homework.
by JackDaBoi! February 25, 2019
–verb (used with object) 1. to get by freeloading.
2. someone thats always looking for a handout
3. annoying to the point it makes you wanna punch babies
Will P. is such a freeloader hes always trying to smoke my shit and never pay for it.
by tarainacus August 10, 2009
Bob: Hey jerry? Can you give me 500 dollars? I really want the PS4 Pro.
Jerry: That's fine. Here is your 500 bucks. And you better pay me back next week.
Bob: ok.
1 week later...
Bob: I don't have it. I will pay you next year.
by Gangsta210 January 22, 2019
Someone that doesn't have an income and living on some else wage
by PhanNaDeth September 9, 2022
An entity of any kind that receives unauthorized benefits such as candy & inventive ideas, through methods of any kind such as deception & duress induction, then uses it for themselves and their distribution of recipients. Or put simply, one who receives without permission of the originator.
Hi, there are many rumours about you.
Most say you are not the type to invent your own stuff.
Wow, that's a nice idea, thank you.
I will adapt that idea so that i feel ethical inside.
Thanks for talking to me in your sleep.
I hope you do not remember this conversation when you wake up.

Nothing beats being a freeloader who invents something from someone else's imagination, and with no exchange of business value being consensually triggered.
by UrpgorTheAssumptuous January 20, 2020