someone who takes advantage of obtaining anything that's free,
Elyjah and Sammy are freeloaders; they always take my candy!
by M. Warns September 13, 2006
A freeloader is a person who manages to get food, drink, and other things without having to pay for them
Look - there's the freeloader
by sellah sue April 8, 2012
someone who taps all your drinks, fags and eats you out of house and home , never pays you back, then when uve ran out leaves to freeload off some one else.
look at that mark g, hes been here all night, turned up empty handed and drank the fridge dry, hes a right bloody freeloader.
by legend13 April 21, 2010
Someone who leeches off others while contributing virtually nothing in return. Usually they are unemployed and/or extremely lazy. They are generally easy to identify from the general public due to their constant requests to borrow other people's money, get rides, or even coming to restaurants with a group, then ordering food and never paying for themselves, etc
Freeloader friend - "Hey man can I borrow some money, I'll pay you back Tuesday I swear"

*Tuesday comes* "Hey something came up but I'll definitely get you the money next week"
by Bob1248 May 24, 2008
A worthless, lazy, opportunist bumb who takes advantage of people and thinks they should get everything on a silver platter without earning it. If he has a girlfriend, he probably sits at home all day without a job and mooches money and things off her with the excuse, “I’ll pay you back later, baby, when things improve.” She keeps giving him more money because she is nieve, has low self-esteem and too spineless to stand up to him and kick him out. On the other hand, if the freeloader is a female she is probably a spoiled, stuck-up b***h who lives at home and gets money from mommy and daddy while sitting on the can all day eating Bon Bons and watching soaps.

Being a freeloader is learned behavior because people keep giving them things without saying no.
by March 19, 2008
Someone who thinks she's entitled to be taken care of by an oblivious idiot.Someone who keeps saying they will move out and use her "pathetic family situation" to reek havoc on someone's generous character. Someone who is an opportunistic schmuck.
A girl roommate who overstays for six months because she has to get back on her feet, even though she is a bartender. She masked the freeloading by making it seem she bought useless groceries,had the dogs groomed and paid for cable. Someone who thinks she is the woman of the house, but isn't. She is a pig freeloader from Florida (P. Casey) who brought a lot of unnecessary drama. Anyone else who wants to partake in this ritual contact BDR in Holly Hills.
by NYLA Princess January 14, 2008
Someone who sits at home all day in an environment that they don't pay for. They do nothing all day, tbey dont clean or go to school, they just sit there and eat food that they didn't pay for. When it comes time to have bills paid they call their mommy and daddy for some money, & then tell their parents that they are looking for a job when in reality they spend their time sitting on the couch consuming large amounts of food. They don't care about themself or their life because someone is always there to bail them out. There for they dont care about their car, their living environment, and even their personal hygiene.
Person A- Hey the rent is due tomorrow. I know you're a freeloader so get the money from your mom.
Person B- Okay let me call my mom and I'll freeload off her and get the money.
by tellyahowitis April 8, 2015