When an object is broken, that is expected to be working, and the reason the system does not work is unknown at the current time. Specifically used to describe technology that is broken.
The prototype toaster is frapped.
You frapped my mp3 player!
by Floyd Goldstein June 14, 2006
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howd you get that answer wrong!? you frap!
by CeeAyyVee November 19, 2009
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The act of farting and crapping your pants at the same time
Oh man, Bridget let out a big fart last night and frapped her pants. So much poo!!!
by smellyjohnson March 27, 2008
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yeah i had a right frap over that gay porn...........starring Peter Oller
by el titface July 11, 2003
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A word used to describe the act of going to Starbucks and freeloading off of their Wi-Fi to look at porn.
Person 1: Dude, I have a problem. Lately, my mom's been looking over my shoulder when I go on the computer. How am I supposed to look at any of the yiff you sent me?

Person 2: Relax, man, you can just go frapping.
by kawaiifujoshidesuchan September 25, 2010
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i was watchin private bendyminge and decided to have a damn good frap
by mln June 25, 2003
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A tiny bowel movement that happens accidentally when you're passing gas. The most common cause of skid marks. Roughly the anal equivalent of "vurp," the tiny vomit that accidentally comes up in the back of your throat when you burp. Word derived from the combination of "fart" and "crap."
You'd better check your shorts 'cause I think that last one was a frap.
by words4money March 13, 2008
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