An especially useless piece of computing equipment. Old hardware only good for heating things up.
That XXX server is essentially a toaster.
by lantz July 12, 2006
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In League of Legends: A computer that takes several minutes to load the game and causes everyone to be delayed and forced to wait.
"Man this guy is taking forever to load. We can;t start our game."
"Yeah man, looks like he's got a toaster."
by NoPseudonymFound October 20, 2013
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A low quality electronic church organ. (organist slang)
Stephen had to play a toaster at St. Joseph's this morning. It was nasty 1980's Allen.
by church_organist August 30, 2009
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Street slang referreing to a pistol, especially semi-automatic Glock .380 cal, .45 cal, and 9 mm pistols.
"Yo Simmy, I'm a pop them toasters on them suckas!"
by Inked July 31, 2006
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Character from the episode "Waiting for God" from series 1 of the BBC Red Dwarf tv-series. Toaster is actually a more or less intelligent device, used for toasting bread and for conversation. But the topic of conversation is quite toast related.
by Aart May 19, 2005
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