When someone decides to frape you by changing your profile picture to one of a frappe.
OMG. Stuart totally frapped me. I leave for one second and I suddenly, according to my Facebook picture, become a frappe.
by originalfrappier November 18, 2011
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A frap is when your underwear is stuck between your but cracks when you are wearing pants.
Oh my gosh. I have thong like fraps right now.
by Tejeb April 13, 2015
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A drink from starbucks!! a cold icey drink that taste sooo good, all those people that gets a frap (frappocino) are addicted to it, especially the mocha ones or a coffee based one.
mocha frap, java chip, chocolate frap etc
by HBS girl May 16, 2010
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Similar to planking, frapping is an activity where one will drop trou and pretend to have (or to actually have) a bowel movement in an unusual or incongruous location.
Person 1: Check it out! I'm frapping!
Person 2: Oh, dude! Really, Kenny... REALLY? I can see your balls!
Person 1: Quick, Brian! Take a picture!
by B In HD January 12, 2012
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when you think you are going to fart, but accidentally crap yourself instead, usually in the form of forced diarrhea that completely obliterates your anus and stains the shit out of your pants, exploding out of your ass and going in all directions inside your pants. usually requires 3 and a half rolls of paper to clean up.
Man- "did you see that guy? he totally frapped himself after that burrito!"

Other man- "no way! he's going to need a pack of toilet paper for that!"
by asswipe chris February 13, 2011
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The act of taking your half erect penis and whiping it across the face of another person (male or female.) May be done for kinky or insulting purposes or high school wrestling team initiations.
Origination: Pottstown, Pa catholic high school
That faggot frapped my ass when I joined the team.
by Yuengling September 27, 2003
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