A person who you imagine that you would have a relationship with but they dated a junior as a freshman.
Bruh that was Forgettable back there with JUNIOR!!!!!
by SquareSpace Guy October 7, 2019
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To try and forget something and make everything ok, even when it hurts and you feel lost. A fake sense you give off
Lydia is definately on that forgettation mode. She wants everything to be ok.
by Lydia_11 December 8, 2008
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a person who pretends to "forget" their night of drinking, and use that as an excuse for hooking up
Ed is a clit licker forgetter when he says he forgets the night b4, but was obviously not that intoxicated.
by boys are icky July 26, 2004
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The physical space where you forgot why you left one room to go to another room to get whatever it was you wanted, sometimes forcing you to go back to the first room. Maybe several times.
The hall way was clearly a Zone of Forgettance.
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