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Asia is beautiful inside and out. she wish there was that one soul that could finally understand her. Outside she a happy person and very blunt but on the inside is miserably depressed. She has the biggest imagination in the universe and always find laughter in everything. In my eyes Asia is a goddess and i wish people can understand her more. In my eyes Asia just wants to be free.
Me: "hows life?"
Asia: "idk i wish i could fly on a pegasus"
me: "o.O'
by Reham abdul December 08, 2012
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Asia is the most sexiest, smartest girl alive. She has many friends and people always try to copy her style. She always thinks about the bigger picture in life. She has a great imagination and very creative. Asia should be classified as "Goddess" because she has a perfect body, killer looks, and power over men
by ljay1039 January 31, 2015
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Very pretty girl. Never intends to harm anyone. She will make you laugh for days and you can always count on her as a friend because she is trustworthy. She has the most amazing smile, and her body attracts the guys. She tends to be very romantic and searches for the perfect guy. Her beauty leaves the guys breathless always asking for more. She has a very outgoing and bubbly personality and she could care less about what anyone has to say about her. Never the least bit of jealousy comes out of her. Shes a hekka chill girl who is usually hanging out with a ton of guys.
Guy one: "Dude, did you see asia at the beach yesterday?"

Guy two: "HELL YEAH! She was wearing that striped bikini!"

Guy one: "Duuuuddee, i got a boner."

Guy two: "She's hot."

Guy one: "Wish she was my girl."

Guy two: "Don't we all."
by gammerr4llyffe April 28, 2011
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Asia is often known to be beautiful sweet and extreme kindness comes out of her. not a jealous person in the least bit and very confident. People looks up to asias and girls envy thier beauty and power they have when they control the men.they leave the men breathless and not known to be a slut or hoe guys respect them and they respect themselfs. MAKE GREAT FRIENDS
by sadfghjsdfrekt March 17, 2009
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A top notch princess who is often hated, but doesnt give a f@*% .

mostly imitated but never could be duplicated

a Real down to earth chick now on her Bully tho*. every female wants to be her & every male wants her.

SO BEAUTIFUL ; conceited for a good reason.

Book & street smart ; Beautiful singer. Model type. Fashionista; Music is the inspiration.

a perfect friend, gets along w. almost everyone. but keeps her LIMIT on who shes REALLY close with!

knows what she wants & wont settle for nothing less. Laid back & simply LOVELYY
I would love me a Asia ♥_♥ !
by zulu ozmund June 20, 2011
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Asia is so fucking sexy, her eyes glow like an angel. She is very loving and attractive. Her body is fabulous, she gets anything she wants , and a lot of people are jealous of her even though her worst day she’s beautiful. On the inside Asia is a free soul. She can be the sweetest person but don’t get on her bad side. Once you have feelings for her they won’t go away . Asia have some flaws to she will not let you run over her and is very. Crazy behind you if she’s that deep in love with you.her parents spoil her like crazy.she is. Very intelligent she know things about you that you wouldn’t no your self,and she can get very sexual in a way you can’t explain.
Asia is everything you wish for but is the thing you wish to dream of.
by ???????.Guess May 16, 2018
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