when something is blatent obvious, sarcasm, founded by the clipston click
"do you want some weed?"
"obviously not"
by Tom Hayward and Mason November 19, 2004
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Word you can overuse to deny something that is actually true.
But obviously there's no truth to it, i mean OBVIOUSLY
by now kiss me you fool February 12, 2019
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Louis Tomlinson's famous words when denying Larry Stylinson / the denial speech.
someone denying something: no
louis: i-ah-ive never really been asked about it directly um
it's a funny thing, i mean look people can, ehh, people can believe what the wanna believe but i just think it comes across sometimes a little bit.. um, a little bit disrespectful to the ones that i love, you know like eleanor...um... sometimes it comes across as a bit disrespectful...um, and it's like anything, i mean, like you can genuinely...if you google conspiracy on iphones, right, your gonna get a conspiracy, so i think it's just one of these things that people just love to buy into but in realit- in reality obviously there's no truth to it.
by colorpopz December 19, 2022
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Obviously is a word overused by Louis Tomlinson to deny the relationship that is thought to be happening with him and Harry Styles ( Hair Styles). As he cannot just deny it by saying “I am not dating the dude that I was in a band with.” It can be used to lie if repeated twice in sentence but everyone can tell you are lying.
Louis: Obviously there is no proof to it
Larries: You sure?
by bestgaylouisstan June 1, 2021
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