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Hot piece of ass
It Rides along
The whis’p’er’ing sea
Whis’p’er’ing vaginas

in the wind.
Then the chickens said:
Come hither NOT you capers!

And then he
Ate her juicy.
Girl: Omg! I got front row tickets to the opera version of “Pauline (the haiku)” at the Met!

Boy: Yeah I’m gonna be busy eating borscht that night. Sorry.
by Fijjuggsgjijhhyggggg-about it October 22, 2019
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a sexual fetish for weaving, tapestries, yarn or anything that could make fabric. And also fabric itself.
Hester sure did like pooning the loom until she was injured by the weight of the loom and had to resort to sex with yarn.
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this place is closing in an hour. Heading over to The Young Rooster next. Never been. Wouldn't mind myself some random chicken.
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