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It’s bad. It’s really bad. Socks start to asexually reproduce, towels haunt you in the night, don’t get me started on the underwear.
I fear the end of days is approaching; be wary it is the apocalaundrypse! Let’s pray.
by Fijjuggsgjijhhyggggg-about it September 23, 2019
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procedures that fall under the category of "not medically necessary"
So, sir, about vision in your other eye...we just medi-can't because it's still attached to the socket. Please feel free to call us when it pops out. Here's a ping-pong ball and a pack of gum, just in case
by Fijjuggsgjijhhyggggg-about it January 05, 2020
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The one cyst that has the biggest ego and thinks its better than all the other cysts. Usually inoperable because its too good for surgery and usually benign because it's too proud to compete with real tumors. It sits around and judges other cysts, likes to strut around with all its pus hanging out. But underneath the narcisscyst has a low self-esteem and just wants validation that it is a real cyst just like all the others.
I have a narcisscyst on my ass and I always have to make sure it feels better than my other cysts.
by Fijjuggsgjijhhyggggg-about it November 14, 2019
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when handsome and charming wants to put the D in his shorty, but she's all wrapped up in her pubic health. BAM!
he's looming the poon
by Fijjuggsgjijhhyggggg-about it February 26, 2019
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