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(from skater slang)
means that something is the truth or that you're not lying.
the phrase was ruined by tiktokers and just 12 year old kids using it in general
I sucked your mom's dick yesterday no cap on god.
by User694208800q March 03, 2021
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Anybody who isn't 100% convinced about a certain religioun, tgere are 2 general types of an atheist:

Agnostic- a person who does neither claim gods existence nor denies it

Gnostic- a person who denies the existence of a god or gods

But a person who for example isn't aware of the concept of a god or just doesn't give a fuck is an atheist as well
I'm not 100% convinced of a god thus im an atheist.
by User694208800q March 11, 2021
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Indie artists that are actually extremely popular examples include neutral milk hotel, arctic monkeys and radiohead (only 2 of those actually make good music)
person A: put arctic monkeys two
person B: nah, that's some fake indie shit, as a matter affect get tf outta my car
by User694208800q April 12, 2021
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A name of various sports

All of them orginaly rooting from china but the first actually established football was played very much like american football except it had little to no rules and was played on a much bigger "field" in between villages

Association football(soccer)- Very popular in UK and third world countries, widely played all around the world but not in north america for some reason, a sport played by kicking a ball with the goal being putting into a net(1).

American football (NFL) - Popular mainly in the US but thanks to the internet growing in western and central Europe, a sport where you can either pass, rush, kick or punt the ball with the goal being scoring a touchdown (6,2),field goal(3,1) or a safety(1)

Rugby football (rugby) - a sport popular in the UK and SA, predecessor to american and australian football, you can score by try/touchdown(5), penalty(3), conversion(2), drop goal(3)

Australian football, Galeic football, Arena football, Flag football etc...

**Many people believe that the name soccer is something the americans made up so they could call their precious sport football but it's actually what British people used to call it back in the day, and american football was also technically called just football before association football was
*BRIT*: Let's watch some football *proceeds to turn on barcelona vs juventus game*
*AMERICAN*: eww, let's watch some real football, american football

*ANOTHER BRIT*: triggered triggered, why do they even have to wear gear, put on some rugby a true men sport

* AUSSIE*: well at least they are physical *switches the channel to australian football
*IRISH PERSON*: pff, *switches it to galeic football*
*SWEED*: *switches the channel to golf*
by User694208800q November 23, 2020
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The worst possible way anybody has ever described any album.
"I'm feeling a light to decent 6 on this thing but that's just my opinion". (light 6)
by User694208800q December 21, 2020
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