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A fully respecting, unquestioning, loyal republican to Donald Trump.
These people get triggered at even the slightest negative thing towards him.
Gosh dang it. These Trumpanzee's keep watching my every post
by xX_Boss_Xx October 12, 2017

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A group of 5 year old squeakers who play roblox prison escape and daydream about being in one of Logan Paul’s videos. They are also keyboard warriors who try to act twice their age, but their spelling is that of an alien.
“WATS UP LOGANG???!!!!!”
by xX_Boss_Xx January 30, 2018

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ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.
ASMR Is typically a video consisting of a person whispering, smacking, eating, or making other relaxing sounds.
Some people however, find ASMR gross, creepy, or even scary.
ASMR has taken over YouTube in recent years. Even with some videos getting millions of views.
"Dude, I fell asleep listinging to asmr last night!"
by xX_Boss_Xx October 23, 2017

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The best person to live, ever. His saxophone destroys everyone's ears with its amazing melody.
His hips dance harder than everyone's education.
His reappearance in 2017 made him more sassy and saxy than ever
Stranger: yo do you remember that guy with the saxophone that made me fap?
Other Stranger: yeah, you mean epic sax guy?
Stranger: oh yes, how could I forget
by xX_Boss_Xx October 14, 2017

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A word used as a “Get out of jail free card” after saying the gayest shit in humanity
“I will suck you, no homo though”
by xX_Boss_Xx February 01, 2018

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An unoriginal “rapper” who can only say “Gucci Gang”
“Lil Pump be like”
by xX_Boss_Xx February 02, 2018

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A person who loves nothing more than washing dishes
Mom: Betty, will you do the dishes
Betty: Why should I do it? You're the Dishie after all
by xX_Boss_Xx August 23, 2017

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