Most commonly known as 'Pencil Flunking'
The game in which a person runs into any given room with their eyes closed, and jumps with their arms by their side and legs tight together to form the pencil shape. The jumping is done while unaware of what is found in the room at the time e.g furniture or people, so often leads to injury and damage to goods.
'How was the party last night?'

'Not gunna lie man terrible, I ended up flunking the back room to get it going. Broke a table.'

'Nice man.'
by Freedale18 October 9, 2011
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Fail a class, course, or an entire school. Basically, you need to put a lot more effort in.
They kicked me out. I wasn't supposed to come back after Christmas vacation on account of I was flunking four subjects and not applying myself and all.
by red_hunting_hat November 13, 2016
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having to repeat a grade because of failing
nahh man im supposed to be in the 11th grade ... i flunked 2nd.
by tsunamii.d February 7, 2018
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crapped out, gone kaboom, failed. Often used in regards to webservers and computers when they crash due to overload.
My computer flunked and I had to reboot.
by anony October 29, 2003
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Robert James Pittard and Jennell Christine Waelty Flunk at AH-64D Maintenance
by BostonAH64d September 12, 2010
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(slang) - To be stuck at a university because your grades are too low for any desirable school to want to take you as a transfer student. Not to be confused with flunking out, since you are still at the school. However, many students who flunk in eventually flunk out, and most students who have flunked out flunked in first.
With a 1.75 GPA and not liking the environment he was in, Louis applied to a few other schools he wanted to transfer to. Since he was rejected from all of them, it's a safe bet he's flunked in.
by Nick Weiner March 19, 2009
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