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Most commonly known as 'Pencil Flunking'
The game in which a person runs into any given room with their eyes closed, and jumps with their arms by their side and legs tight together to form the pencil shape. The jumping is done while unaware of what is found in the room at the time e.g furniture or people, so often leads to injury and damage to goods.
'How was the party last night?'

'Not gunna lie man terrible, I ended up flunking the back room to get it going. Broke a table.'

'Nice man.'
by Freedale18 October 09, 2011
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Flunking is when you get several dead male bodies, chop their penisis off, then put them into a blender with any liquid then blend it up, then get any type of food you would eat and poor the sloppy gooey juice on top of it, then slowly share it with another male friend all the way till you kiss, then throw up all the penis from the juice in each others mouth
So Ben do you want to go flunking at the weekend it will be pretty cray cray
by L3w368ss May 16, 2018
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