The larger version of boom.
Boom is just a "boom" while KAboom refers to the "WOW" effect verison of boom. Something truly boom, becomes kaboom.

Can sometimes be written with multiple "o"'s such as: kabooooooom.
Meaning an even larger boom than kaboom.

Usually said with a special voice or sounds. Putting weight on the "o"s.

ps: if you actually say this, you might be considered a retard as it sounds pretty stupid saying this.

Also an onomatopoeia of a huge explosion
Guy 1: Wow, that was one large explosion!
Guy 2: WHAAAT?!?!?!

2. Guy 1: KABOOOM. have a look at that chick.
by SuperWay July 16, 2006
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With the drop of the atom bomb, a loud kaboom was heard.
by Aaron W. December 2, 2002
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a hardhitting advertisement that creates a buzz, an attention grabber that really gets people talking
"Did you see that ad from PETA?" "Yeah it's all over the news - it really created a kaboom!"
by HD. Williams August 16, 2007
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When some one becomes outraged at the actions of another suddenly and without warning.
"Watch out or she will Kaboom on your ass!"

"Don't make her kaboom!"

"Her family knows that any time soon she will kaboom!"
by kabo0m June 21, 2005
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what you say to indicate the heartburn/heart dropping feeling when someone says or does something that makes you plummet to the bottom, emotionally.

said when you are rejected, or hurt emotionally such as "ouch" "rude"
Ashley: "Do you want to go on a date?"
Jack: "I'm sorry but I never saw you in that way."
Ashley: "kaboom"
by lonelephant December 11, 2016
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Term used to describe, When you go to fire your weapon and it explodes.
Had two rounds center mass went to fire a third and the rifle went Kaboom
by Gansta J September 17, 2006
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