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a prostitute who sets up appointments over the phone
I need to get some. Know any good call girls who are cheap?
by anony June 24, 2004

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crapped out, gone kaboom, failed. Often used in regards to webservers and computers when they crash due to overload.
My computer flunked and I had to reboot.
by anony October 28, 2003

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having sex appeal; one that is good looking

cool; awesome
That guy is sooo sexylicious!

Your new skirt is so sexylicious. I want one!
by anony June 24, 2004

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shit people with orange faces look at the picture i think her name is ashely green...she's an ugly fucker who needs to start giving head.
whatever dawg i am on the DL now cause I put on fake tanner and i look pimp!
by anony March 19, 2005

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knock on wood, often in emails
I aced that test,kow
by anony October 17, 2004

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ahhhhhh hahaha someone wrote about scary peto dan!!
molly joy, hmm ya cool kid
by anony March 12, 2005

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An emotionally challenged man, who was born as a woman.
Person 1 : How's your sister?
Person 3 : Shoosh! (nudgenudge)
Person 2 : She's a stitch bitch now. Won't show his face on T.V.
by ANONY June 01, 2013

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