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Slang term for when a video game has such poor graphics or collision detection it is as pleasant for the eye as looking at actual human feces.
Games like Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, and Hour of Victory are such a disgrace to look at and involve so much going through walls and obstructions that it is pretty much digital feces.
by Nick Weiner March 1, 2009
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The travel between galaxies - which is considered complete and utter science fiction given the incredible distances. Even light will take 2.5 million years to reach our nearest galaxy.
Intergalactic travel, even to our nearest galaxy, would mean a minimum distance of 23,700 million million million meters away making it cleanly impossible.
by Nick Weiner January 26, 2009
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A slang term for the Refresh button on a web browser. Almost, if not every web browser ever produced has made F5 as the hotkey for "refresh".
A young 12-year old vandalizes the George W. Bush on Wikipedia. Just to see how long his work stays before reversion, he keeps F5'ing hoping that each time he hits it the article won't be reverted.
by Nick Weiner April 20, 2008
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A town in extreme upstate New York that is pretty much the only place for activity in that whole area. Very cold in the winter.
I went up north towards Quebec; all of interest along the way was in the city of Plattsburgh.
by Nick Weiner February 3, 2009
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Any of New York State not including New York City, Long Island, or Westchester or Rockland Counties.
The Adirondacks, the Albany region, same with Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, and whatever of New York state more than 45 minutes away from New York City or Long Island is referred to as Upstate New York.
by Nick Weiner October 4, 2008
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A purely Hasidic Jew community in Orange County, New York. Given that the women have prolific amounts of children and don't work after giving birth to their second child the town is among the poorest in the United States.
Poverty, strict religion, and beards, all in one: Kiryas Joel.
by Nick Weiner February 7, 2009
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(slang) - To be stuck at a university because your grades are too low for any desirable school to want to take you as a transfer student. Not to be confused with flunking out, since you are still at the school. However, many students who flunk in eventually flunk out, and most students who have flunked out flunked in first.
With a 1.75 GPA and not liking the environment he was in, Louis applied to a few other schools he wanted to transfer to. Since he was rejected from all of them, it's a safe bet he's flunked in.
by Nick Weiner March 19, 2009
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