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In its verb form it means to successfully complete a task or chain of events through amazing fluke rather than skill or ability.
In the film 'The Mexican' Julia Roberts can be heard saying to Brad Pitt:

"You've managed to Forest Gump your way through this!"
by paul raine May 5, 2004
Author of the world-dominating Harry Potter books.

Started living off state benefit in a grotty flat with a love child and ended up being richest, best-selling novelist of all time (probably).
by paul raine May 5, 2004
A chick-flick with a romanctic plot interspersed with light comedy, usually starring Meg Ryan or Sandra Bullock.
by paul raine May 5, 2004
Derogatory term used to describe a native inhabitant of Liverpool, England.

Stereotypically, scousers will have a strong Liverpudlian accent, wear La Coste shell suits, buy white-label dance tracks ('scouse house') smoke weed and live off benefit.
"Ay, mate, ya got that toon on vinal?"
by paul raine May 5, 2004
A take-away meal purchased by an English person from a 'chippie'.

It consists of battered fish (usually Cod, sometimes Haddock) and tastes best accompanied by mushy peas (ie. peas that have been squashed into a pulp) and curry sauce.

Usually costs around £4
"I'll have one of each with scraps, please"
by paul raine May 5, 2004
A toasted sandwich made in a special machine, usually containing cheese combined with some other foodstuff, or commonly cheese on its own.
'I'm having a banana toastie'
'You're nuts'
by paul raine May 5, 2004