something you would say in replacement of the word "no."

you could also say this word in disbelif.
"Wanna get some grub?"


"Did you know what beckys pregnant?!"
by AmerikcanCheezy May 23, 2010
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A slang combination of words that means "or not". It is usually following the clicking sound of a tounge, and is also mainly used to piss people off.
Example one;
"If she still says 'or nahh' she's too young for you bro."
Example two;
"You gonna eat that...*click* or nahh?!"
by dieselbae420 June 23, 2014
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A term used with a thrusting out ward hand gesture used to mean that something is bad, something you dont like, when getting owned in sports, video games etc. Or when saying a girl is ugly
Guy: dude that bitch asked me to the dance.....
friend: whatd u say?
guy: are u kidding? I gave that hoe the "nahh"
by Zoat March 13, 2008
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something that only shredders can say to there bros instead of no.
Friend "yo whats up bro?"
You "nothin much b."
Friend "you go hit those gnar waves yesterday?"
You "Nahh B. I had to work."
by shredder bra July 29, 2010
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Noo Myy Dear Friend

were just too hardcoree gangsta for this shit, you gett me blud?
ShortE Like : Did Yah Flex Wid Dat Bird Last Nite?
Lil A Like: Nahh Matee !!
by ShortE && Lil A $ick August 20, 2008
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Absolutely demolishing someone or getting demolished.
I Glihh nahhd that Town hall 12 with all baby dragons.
by Young Soso June 9, 2020
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