A Jennell, (not to be mistaken for a "Janelle" or a "Jennelle") is a girl who has lots of confidence and an AMAZING bod! Someone who places in the top of all her events. She can get anything done when she puts her mind to it. Has a supportive family and usually two gorgeous sisters.
Girl 1 : "OMG, did you see that girls body? I'm so inspired!"

Girl 2 : "I know, she's a total Jennell!"
by JAPLECK June 7, 2011
Jennell is a person with a kind loving heart, she will always be there when you need her. Even if she seems she's mad, she's not. She tends to give many chances to people who she shouldn’t trust. But she will stand by your side through the toughest times, and hold onto you when you need her the most. When you first meet her she is shy yet crazy when around friends. his heart is fragile and yet shes is willing to love.
Jennell is the greatest
by Ilovebasketball245 November 16, 2017
Jennell stands for a person who loves and respects her friends and also puts her friends first and is shy around people but around her friend she's a crazy and fun person and fun to be around jennell come from a fun and crazy family but her family loves her just like all her friends doshe's a very popular and quiet person this is why she has so many friends like me
Jennell is the best and will always be best.
by Bri.m August 1, 2018
Funniest, most outgoing pretty, women you will lay eyes on. Smart honest loveing and unselfish... You would be lucky to ever meet someone as great as her.
Im the luckiest guy in the world because i know jennelle.
by TheMainMan1324 June 6, 2011
A crazy adorable fun crazy friend. She has your back on anything. she cheers you up when your down. cool dancer. she knows a girl named Isabel. she gets to laugh a lot. she'll be your ping to your pong. she'll be the fun loving crazy best friend your looking for.& loud at times
isabel: im saad i failed my test.
jennelle: dont be the teachers are just jealous cause us kids are WAY cooler than them!
isabel: aw thanks you always got my back
jennelle: hell yeah i do!!
by jajje July 5, 2011
a narrow pedestrian passage or alley usually between or behind buildings. often used to describe the alley running through terraced housing linking the back of the house to the street.

used in Sheffield and other parts of yorkshire and the north.
"you have to go through the jennel to get into their house"
by unupsettable January 18, 2012
The act of taking a selfie and covering your mouth with your sweater sleeve.
"Hey, did you see Becky's new selfie?"
"Yeah, but she'd be a lot cuter if she wasn't Jennelling all the time."
by Bless me, Heavenly Father December 19, 2013