Reporter with two perfectly good eyes, both apparently on the same side of his or her head, enabling them to not see what's going on below.
"Fortunately, core inflation was held in check last month, the Flounder reported, as gas soared over $4.00
by Robert Tartell May 16, 2008
A very sneaky foreplay moved performed by short Jewish guys from Long Island. Not realizing that the girl is not into him while sitting on her couch, the dude places his hand in between the girl's thighs and flaps it back and forth in the same motion as a fish out of water. The flounder is normally followed by dog-like leg humping.
If performed properly, the flounder-leg hump trick is good way to ensure the "No Pants in the Bedroom" rule is followed. If awkward while doing this move, the dude is usually sent on his way hoping to catch the end of Rosh Hashanah dinner.
"When Yaacov tried the flounder, the date was over."

"I wasn't into Isaac at first, but, after he floundered me, I got to see that my pants really did match the rug...and he found out the color of the carpet"
by Irish-Italian Manwhore September 25, 2006
Tits like 2 flounder fish. The type that need a belt rather than a bra
She hid her flounders with a nice belt
by Montiero is the worst Chris November 17, 2020
Established Winter of '04. Used to describe the act of flopping around on the sofa all Sunday long. One resembles a Flounder out of water flopping as it gasps for air, in its case, water.
by Luis March 5, 2005
Laying on top of another person (usually your loved one), making yourself as heavy as possible, to squash them under your weight.
Done to either show affection or punish someone for their derpy behavior.
She: *Tells silly joke*
Him: I'm gonna have to flounder you for that one.
by wurstle July 7, 2021