to fly away or it can mean a certain person is really smart
Dillon could really soar if he polished up his writing.
by OMAR11 August 18, 2010
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Special operations Aviation Regiment

the best helicopter pilots in the world, part of the US Army, usually flies MH type helicopters
160th SOAR pilot MH-60's
And also AH-60
MH-6 aswell
by soarpilot June 8, 2003
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Soar - the perfect moment of awesomeness

Soar is the next level of lit. If you are soar, you are more lit than lit.
"Time to get SOAR tonight!"

"omg gurl, your dress is so soar"
by soaring April 7, 2019
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Soaring (verb)

The act of sitting around doing absolutely nothing. Usually in ones place of employment. Not to be confused with "skating" which actually requires some sort of effort to avoid job responsibilities ( i.e. excuses, hiding out, imaginary appointments, etc.) Soaring requires little to no intellectual capacity to master; infact you could be a ruh-tard and have your blackbelt in soaring. *WARNING* please assess workplace situation before attempting ( i.e. supervision, workload, and having a work place located in a warm location doesn't hurt) inability to properly assess work environment could result in loss of job and/or injury.
Zack is just sitting at his desk soaring.
by rpdinse November 22, 2009
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A division that is also mentioned as "Pro division"
What division are you?
Dang bro, you are really good.
by Bobsuckstoes June 16, 2021
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The stretching of young innocent assholes by a larger much older male.
The young girl looked at me and I gave her the Soares. Hey she was asking for it. She was coming on to mel
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a woman whose chintastic and can knock a row of children down with one simple turn of the head. As you glance to the back of this chinpolsive woman you can see her enormous badonkadonk.
Child: Uhm miss, can you tell me where the restroom is?
Soares: (turns around with huge chin)
Child: (knocks child down cold)
Soares: Im so sorry are you...
Child: (runs away and screams) Stop being such a Soares!!!!
by The Moobs March 3, 2008
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