The Old go there to die, the Young go there to ride rollercoasters.
- You going to Florida soon Ben?
- Nah, not in the mood to die or go to the amusement park.
- Movies then?
- OK
by J-Money142 April 08, 2010
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Two words that you end up with when you put a space between the 'O' and 'R' in 'Florida'.
Dude #1: Dude, I went to Florida last month.

Dude #2: Don't you mean Flo Rida?
by SSimmeee February 25, 2009
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Like most other states, nonresidence makes you ignorant to florida. Florida has 2 seasons. Summer and not as hot Summer. It is mistaken in the fact that everyinch of the florida coast isnt beautiful pristein water with beautiful half naked girls. The left coast has constant redtide and mangroves. House are constantly subject to change by mother nature, who has her own ideas about architecture. Florida style is not pink walls and tacky seafoam green coaches. That is what californian interior diseigners do to crappy little motels. Florida is tastefully latin. We do know how to vote, but the old people are to much of a pussy to just push the god damn thing through. We do not have aligators in our backyards. I have been a life long florida resident and have seen a good 2 wild aligators, and that was on one of thoose cheap tours where the aligators coem for the food. Wich makes them subsiquently, not wild. We dont love tourists, we love there money. Florida is a great place to vacation, but dont get me wrong. Florida is for floridians. Dont bring your fucking BMW's and building restrictions, beautification commities and stylists because you will single handedly sink florida. it happend before, dont do it agian.
Florida was beautiful, till you fuckers desided to come polute it.
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A rapper from Florida (clever name) that recently was featured in several mainstream tracks, and has topped charts with the recent song Low.
have you heard Flo Rida's Low?
Shawty with dem apple bottom jeans, boots with the furr
by dangt December 31, 2007
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The place where you can cheat your way into presidency.
Bush won the election because of Florida
by Jacob December 12, 2003
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A person who is always banging girls on their period.
Doug is such a flo rida, Kristin is on her period and he banged her last night.
by StepNine December 10, 2011
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