that boy has a large tumour!
by Dominic Lee October 18, 2007
Very bad sense of humour. Juxtaposed to rhythm with tumour to give the sense of killing you with the bad jokes. Can only be used with close friends or with tumour patients who have a sense of humour and bad jokes in their kitty.
by GigglingGaggler August 30, 2010
computer add on's. Such as: external hardrives, flashdrives, usb accesories, etc.
woah man, get rid of some of those computer tumours!
by colin magee January 16, 2008
The grey-faced addicts stood outside, huddling in the drizzle, sucking on their tumour tubes.
by Singletrack November 4, 2013
A term to describe a useless human being.
This commentator is rubbish. It's almost like he's a bag of tumours with eyes.
by de-po-sat July 8, 2010
A deadly, suicide-inducing disease commonly caused by exposure to the English class of year nine extension. The word is rather self explanatory, as symptoms contain: Ebola, cancer, and brain tumours that result of post traumatic stress disorders (from the disease). It also feels as though you were struck by all of the bombings that took place in the battle of Hiroshima.
"Oh no James," exclaimed Jonno. "I think I feel a case of Ebancershima Brain Tumours creeping up on me, ready for the three way murder?"
by TheRealJonno April 10, 2018
A girl who has back combed blonde hair who loves a drink or two. Serial spewer. Bit of a chunder bird. :) Fancies boys called kev and likes anal beads.
Have you seen that girl over there with the back combed hair puking on the street....shes such a pastina tumour face.
by feegina December 10, 2010