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Beautiful, amazing and interesting female, Havana's are quite rare and are a good thing to look out for, because they will brighten up your day and make you extremely happy. If you ever happen to meet a Havana do not cross she will extremely happy to show her anger or annoyance.
Omg there's a Havana she's gorgeous and nice.
Omg isn't that the Havana you pissed off? better be careful.
by chikkypow October 08, 2010
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Havanas are really wonderful people. They are good friends and are always by your side. They have a great imagination, and love to play. Havanas love anything to do with technology, computers, Xbox, you name it. Overall, Havanas are great people.
Friend of havana: I get to go hang out with Havana!
Not friend of havana: Who is she?! She sounds amazing!
by Havana Great Friends January 23, 2016
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Havana is the most beautiful person you will ever meet. i love her with my entire heart and that will never change. i once dated her and would give anything to have her back. i just wish we'd be bestfriends like we used to be
I love Havana
by allebakcin January 13, 2011
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a cigar made in Cuba or from Cuban tobacco.
Cattle and pine lumber are sent to Cuba, and Havana tobacco and fine grades of Cuban timber are imported
by Mahe.m. January 30, 2018
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that annoying as song on the radio, Havana
by SketchTheFox March 04, 2018
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