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Fiore (fee-or-ee) 1. , -complete and utter bullshit to an almost unbelievable level. An extraordinary grandiose fabrication of the truth 2. - A rare, but destructive psychosis where an individual demonstrates a complete refusal to tell the truth, even when confronted with overwhelming evidence of their lies. 3.. An individual who consistently freeloads. A mooch. 4 - Word used to describe a reprehensible or dishonest act
Father: "Son, your teacher called and said you got the lowest grade in the class on the test. You promised me you had studied..."
Son: "I was studying Dad, but then Bigfoot came by while riding a unicorn, and said that if I came with him to the enchanted forest we could...."
Father: "Don't fucking Fiore me!"

Big Girl: "Does this dress make me look fat?"
Lying Boyfriend: "No, not at all. Lets move in together."
Big Girl "Oh O.K. sure. My friends say that you're full of fiore, but they just don't know the real you."
Lying Boyfriend: "No, they don't do they??? Muahhahahahaahahaha, Muahahahahaha {Furrows brow while hunching shoulders, as hands are rubbing together. Continues sinister laughter} Muahahahahahahaha
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