Like if your friend says something confusing or you don't understand say Wdym what do you mean
by PrettyGirlRock May 31, 2015
Wdym you couldn't meet with Queenie at Starbucks? You planned it like two weeks ago!
by Bro-ena Ravenclaw March 15, 2017
What Do You Mean?
A question.
Normally used in texting when you don't understand another person.
by Anonymous Anon Girl September 23, 2015
What do you meanasking one one something if you don’t get it. Usually used on the internet.
The door is here.”
by Hey there big boy December 5, 2018
You said that you were going to be going to a place without me,but earlier you said that you were going to take me,Wdym?
by Itsyagurljess September 3, 2020
What do you mean is a way to ask someone to specify what they have said in the text message
by Nicole Katzmann July 31, 2018