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A dangerously attractive man. Someone you could only dream of being around. If one should find themselves worthy of his attention, consider it an honor. Donovan has a mind like no other. He can be best described as a mad genius, and sexual dynamo. He can also be considered analytical, observant, helpful, reliable, and precise. However, once Donovan finds you useless, consider yourself dead to him. He has little patience for absentminded, foolish people. Donovan is intellectually stimulating and wildly seductive. Good luck even getting close enough to know him.
Donovan is way too hot!

Donovan is the brains of this operation.

I'm so in love with Donovan.

I hope Donovan marries me someday.
by jnfvijns February 20, 2014
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An attractive boy whom you know you shouldn't want but have to have. Usually a player and has quite a big ego. Really funny and usually cracking dirty jokes. Very athletic.
There go Donovan! I shouldnt want him but I have to have him!😻
by Del_baddie May 23, 2014
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Cute Funny Smart Amazing Loving Caring Doesn't Like A Lot Of People . Has A Big Dick Very Cool Annoying Nice . A Girl Has His Heart . A Very Special Person Cute Dimples ! This Girl Adores Him A Lot Doesn't Fight . Plays Ball Forever Playing 2k He's The Best Spoils His Girl And Everything
Donovan Is A Very Nice Person
by Kj Kidd December 17, 2013
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Donovan is the person who you would say is depressed. He got dumped by his second grade girlfriend and now he like a girl who already has a boyfriend. He gets trolled by his friend about liking a girl named Billy but denies it. He currently does not have a heart and you would say "Man' this guy is really depressed" about him.

by JuiceMan30 June 27, 2018
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A real ass nigga that is very athletic and could have a lot of bitches but chooses not to because he's looking for the right one. He wants to be the best at every thing and is a real cool dude to be around.
Look at the bro Donovan.
Donovan is a very intelligent young man.
by Donny Sosa March 15, 2017
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