When you can’t decide if you want the cunt to be quiet or to piss off
When Fitton is talking absolute bullshit in the pub, you piss him off and wind him up, he gets so angry he tells you to, “oh, shut-the-fuck-off!”
by Bigwillyian January 11, 2018
Shut the fuck off is a good word init? Don't get me wrong i like fuck off but i'm preferring it. I can say shut up and fuck off at the some time with the same line. (I dunno, but it made sense in my mind.)
Jaimie: I love Kaitlin bennett you know
George: Shut the fuck off
by Satan's best mate June 2, 2020
The common angered response by someone who had their cell phone background changed to a picture of a penis or a dildo.
by Joey_Commander November 10, 2008
*Repeat this phrase in response to any comment that doesn’t sit well with you*

“Shut the fk off”
by Nagam September 18, 2020
used by children who think Shut Up is an bad word so they think they am coolio
by :DD:D:D:::D:D:D:D:D January 22, 2017