A person convicited of the most serious category of a crime.
Having ben convicted of Grand Theft, he is now a felon
by George March 9, 2005
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A girl so hot it should be illegal.
Guy#1 - hey did you see Taken with Angelina Jolie

Guy#2- yeah dude she's a FELON!

Guy#1- I know!
by Manthatsdank July 17, 2009
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A sick ass ( FIRME INDIVIDUAL) with no regards for human life or living organisms: Smooth talking , G-walking , Blasted up , Body Bagging , Psychopathic caniving Loco From La Colonia Industrialx3 . ˈ
noun: felon; plural noun: felons
a person who has been convicted of a felony.
synonyms: convict, crook, criminal, outlaw; More
malefactor, wrongdoer;
informalcon , chigon , Me, Hustler , Wise Business men , natural born leader, dictator ,transero , cut throat vato , organized cold calculating criminal, A Mañoso ,Maniaco , over achieving high self esteem brain washer .
Judge !! You can't be serious of letting this person go free ? He is a well known validated Felon . Judge Re: I can't hold him with no evidence against him .
by ESE Garlen aka ESE Felon December 20, 2016
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The act of upgrading a misdemeanor charge to a felony. This is usually because there are prior convictions for the same crime. In a drug case, it could be because the drug quantity ended up being greater than originally thought, and a felony amount.
Damn, I got caught with a bag of weed. The cops of the scene thought it was a misdemeanor amount. When the lab weighed it, it came back heavy and they felonized me!

I caught a DUI, and because I have three priors, they felonized this one.
by Joe Bod August 1, 2010
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a trill motherfucker from the streets of the D. slangin da crack and pimping the puss and representin real negros. or drunken suburban niglits.
Greg Adam: Yo, man...let's go get a fifth, hit a lick and go to dat bukkake party.
Nick: idk man...sounds kinda dangerous
Greg Adam: fuck that bro, let's ejaculate!!
Nick: that constitute a felony, and i don't wanna be a felon.
Greg Adam: it's bukkake, man? you don't wanna squirt jizz on some delicious, sweet, young sluts?
Nick: sure, dude.

*police cum*

Nick: shit, man...now we have criminal sexual conduct charges.
Greg Adam: at least we'll have memories of the bukkake for the next 2-5!!
Nick: true, true
by detroitbukkakeman July 8, 2009
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A word to describe someones felony activities
He cheated that woman during his felonic escapades
by UTSAgril March 16, 2009
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